Jiri Hospital

DSC_2724The Institution

Jiri Hospital was established in the year 1957 AD (2014 BS) with the support of Swiss Government as a part of holistic support to the people of Dolakha along with a technical school, now know as Jiri Technical School and Animal Development Farm, in Jiri. It was later handed over to the government of Nepal in the year 1972 AD (2029 BS). Under the model of Public Private Partnership (PPP) government handed it to the community in the year 2064 BS.

This hospital still runs under the PPP model and is operated by an operational committee compromising of 17 members from different public related sectors, and is among total of only 4 different institutions running in the same model throughout the country.

Jiri Hospital currently as 15 beds sanctioned by the government, however more than 30 beds are available to the patients to address the increasing inflow. Its services range from Outpatient department open on week days, Inpatient, 24 hours emergency services, Dental services, fully functional operation theater, Pharmacy services, Maternity and Child health care programs, Ambulance services. It also conducts all the preventive, promotive health programs as per guidelines of government of Nepal, Ministry of Population and Health.  In addition to this, the hospital has been conducting regular health camps both in the hospital and in its different catchment areas to address varying health needs.

IMG_1456 Strength

A successful example of Public Private Partnership can be observed in the hospital. This model has been able to build a strong sense of ownership in people of this area. The operational committee has been addressing immediate and has been planning for all the long term issues to come. The operational committee is created under inclusive ideology hence it is highly representative of the population here further strengthening the sense of ownership.


Clinical Aspects

This institution serves as the referral center for all PHCs, Health Posts and Sub health posts of this region. It primarily receives patients from Dolakha, Ramechap, Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga regions. Daily about 100 patients receive treatment in the Out patient department. This hospital also provides in patient services, Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care (CEOC), minor and major surgical procedures, Dental services, 24 hours emergency care.Regular health camps are also being organized as a part of the medical facility. This hospital conducts monthly outreach health camps to the inaccessible people at their doorsteps while more specialized health camps are being conducted in the hospital.

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My experiments with health camps:

I had only one mission when I entered Jiri Hospital to increase the patient flow. On my way to Jiri, one socially active Jirel started giving me of what I was to expect next. All the people did was compare the hearsay of Jiri Hospital when the hospital operated under Swiss management. What they do not understand is why would our nation be in this chaos if we were Swiss?

Bringing the hospital service to the standards which was 40 years ago, seemed to be a very high set benchmark. Inspite, afte spending few days in the hospital, talking to few made me realize there is another important if not bigger issue needed to be tackled, ie hospital management.

The hospital seemed to be highly understaffed, staffs present also spend most of their time at their homes, weeks and weeks of absentese. There were few who had been lost from the office, still employed however for years. My skills as a leader was in doubt, I questioned my self as I was very naive to the Neapli health system, running a district hospital with more than 30 employee was a holy grail chase to me.